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Doll II (2002)sold

Doll I (2002)sold

Doll III (2002)sold

Coffe I (2004)sold

Coffe II (2004)sold

Coffe III (2004)sold

Friday at the Zoo (2001)sold

3 Bags Full (2001)sold

Tote I (2001)sold

Tote II (2001)sold

Tote III (2001)sold

The 3 Wise Queens I (2001)sold

The 3 Wise Queens II (2001)sold

The 3 Wise Queens III (2001)sold

Potion I (2001)sold

Potion II (2001)sold

Potion III (2001)sold

Potion IV (2001)sold

Potion V (2001)sold

Potion VI (2001)sold

Stoique and Proper (2001)sold

French Cancan (2001)sold

I donít believe I would have told that (2001)sold