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Each of my paintings stem from an emotional seed. These are strong and lasting emotions that require further investigation and eventually turn into paintings. Often a raw image imposes itself to me before i sketch out the composition, block out areas of colours and paste scraps of paper. While i juggle with these various elements, the painting takes over from the initial feeling. A conversation ensues and becomes the primary driving force leading to the enfolding of the final picture.

The people and places in my work come from my close environment. I started out painting mostly self portraits. I now paint also family and friends, passers-by who populate my everyday life, the grocer, the lady who feeds the birds, the women in their headscarves in the park…That's why my daily routine is very important, whatever and wherever it may be, because that is where the inspiration of my work takes root.

I’m interested in foggy and mysterious atmospheres, dreamlike landscapes, peppered with traces of a distant or close past where silhouettes emerge, waiting at crossroads, searching, navigating towards their future … Stillness versus movement is a reccuring theme of mine as well as cycles repeating themselves and Time going by.

In my work, I use a lot of collage, where I layer tissue paper, newsprint and pieces of old maps over and under the acrylic paint. I do this to build up layers and create a richly textured environment. After the painting has further developed, I sometimes scrape them off. As I master the painting, I like to bring up fragments of the past -- the underneath layers-- to the surface again. It exposes the process and gives tension to the control I've started to establish by inserting some uncertainty and surprise, thus giving the painting a life of its own.